Monday, 1 June 2009

Pete Dunaway - Supermarket

It's been a long absence. Just loads of work, good weather and all. But still not inactive musicwise. Actually had 3 packages in the post today; some random bits from the bay, Fatcity and Dustygroove.
Though, I'm thinking I need to give you a real treat this time. A quite ellusive record by Pete Dunaway, though it's not his original name (which I can't find at the moment). Apparently it was quite common to take on a 'western' sounding name at this time. And yes, he's brasilian. Not your typical sounding brasilian stuff either. Nonetheless an amazing track in Supermarket.

Good news for you who can't fork out the money for the original LP, is that it's going to be on DJ Cliffy's second volume of Black Rio. What I've heard so far from there, sounds really really good. I believe, out soon on Strut Records.
Till then, a vinyl rip of the so fantastic track:

Pete Dunaway - Supermarket (320)


Linda said...

Thank you. I heard Supermarket again on Gilles Peterson's latest show, and I needed my fix. Can't wait to hear the whole compilation!

P. said...

I believe the comp is out now, well worth checking. Thanks