Sunday, 21 June 2009

Calender - Comin' on strong

Making up for my almost, non-existent posting. Here's another one from Calender - 'Comin' on strong' from the It's a monster LP. Big with Theo P amongst others. And it's certainly a monster track; right down dirty disco funk. There was an edit floating around som time ago, but I think the original does the trick.

Calender - Comin' on strong (320)


Anonymous said...

naaasty! thanks for this

P. said...

Baaad! Nice one.

Ayian said...

Theo Parrish just dropped this at Plastic People last night. Sounded LUSH! Thanks for sharing - now I can relive the moment I was going nuts on the dance floor to this banging, monster track!

ben v said...

great track! thanks for posting.
big ups/best wishes,