Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sylvester - I need somebody to love tonight

I'm sure, well guessing, that most people recall this glitchy drag queen character when thinking of Sylvester. Also known as Patrick Cowley, is possibly most known for hi-nrg anthem 'Do you wanna' or 'You make me feel mighty real'. But he's actually done some deeper stuff as well. Some really soulful bits where his gospel background comes trough and later on some more modern euro-ish disco stuff. Here is a personal fave in the dub, instrumental version of 'I need somebody to love tonight', off the 'I who have nothing' 12". There's also a vocal version on the 'Stars' LP.
Hope you dig!

Sylvester - I need somebody to love tonight (192)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wham - Lovemaker

The story from last weekend repeats itself. I went back to the same flea market as the seller had promised to bring along some more records. I specifically asked for 12"s as I knew he had some, and sure he did. I picked up a few disco bangers and other stuff. I was specially pleased with this 12" from Wham - 'Lovemaker' in a Jim Burgess mix. Obviously not to mix with the UK pop sensation from the 80's. 
As I had no knowledge of them, I took a chance on it. Though, I briefly could remember, seing an LP listed on a fine sellers site so I realised I was on to something.  And here we go, a nice piece of leftfield with a mature west coast feeling. 
Hope you dig too!

Wham - Lovemaker (192)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

NYCC - I'll keep my light in my window

I went out diggin with a friend today. We popped into the local flea market. Actually I've never bought this many second hand records at the same time and from one place. I took a chance on few, but most of them we're really nice finds. It was this former dj sitting on some really nice wax. 
This was one of them. NYCC - New York community choir with 'I'll keep my light in my window'. An excellent piece of life affirmative music that certainly will lift any party through the roof.   
Hope you dig!

NYCC - I'll keep my light in my window (192)

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Things have been really busy for the past time. Obviously there's always time to buy the records and I've actually been playing quite lot (for me that is) during the last few months. But still no time, or energy rather, to enjoy the music. Now things are slowly getting back to normal, and I've also been upgrading my sounds at home. So this morning I felt the urge to try these new thing out, and here's the result out of all that. 
It's not full perfection yet (neither mixing or setup) but I very much enjoyed doing it. Obviously it's a bit strenous with mixing records and getting the mixes tight and all, but again - it's just really great to get into the music again.
Apart from the more vintage sounding dance music, there's also quite a few new, or new-ish, tracks. Lately I've really been digging the stuff coming from the 100% Silk label, great leftfield-ish music going into some Arthur Russell territory. Maurice Fulton is another contemporary producer which I've always rated, somehow keeping it fresh and interesting but with the true old school boogie vibe kept. Otherwise some edits, original disco tracks and some slightly older (sounding) house tracks. I'll see if I'll be able to pin down a track list.
Anyways, I hope you dig and thanks for checking!

 Fleminggatan one by trustmybeats