Saturday, 31 July 2010

Li'l Louis - How I feel

I haven't really gone much into newer programmed music in this blog. Although it's always been a great part of my musical interest. I guess, as with lots of other afficiandos, it's where it all started and then you go backwards for the roots of all music. This summer as I've played out lots more than usually, and also doing longer sets, I've been able to integrate more house and related music. 
This is one of those tracks that always do it for me. Electronic dance music that has aged well, deep Chicago rawness from Li'l Louis in 'How I feel'
Let there be some house!

Li'l Louis - How I feel (192)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Teddy Pendergrass - Take me in your arms tonight

Although this is Teddy Pendergrass' release, Stephanie Mills should definately be credited for her vocal duties. That's it really. Well, add Dexter Wansell on production and PIR - Amazing vintage dance music!

Teddy Pendergrass - Take me in your arms tonight (192)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

RIP John Coltrane

The 17th of July 1967 was the day when one of the greatest passed away.

Chaka Khan - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me

Sometimes you tend to forget about the obvious records. The sort of non-rare LP's by classic artists. This is the title track from one of those - Chaka Khan's "What cha' gonna do for me". Definately one of my favourite vocalists all time.This is such a solid LP, filled with great tracks that has standed the test of time. All I can say; if you haven't got this one - you need it.

Chaka Khan - What cha' gonna do for me (320)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Left of Centre

Making mixes is a bit of a mental hassle, this is usually where my confidence gets a bit of a tackle. The thrive for perfection is against accomplishment. Anyhow, last weekend, on the warmest day so far, I grabbed a stack of records and took it from there. To keep it simple and just to get it done.
No sync tools or other gimmicks, a bit ruff round the edges - one take on the decks. Soulful and sleazy, occassionally slightly left of centre, bits of house and all that.
I hope you dig!

  • Joe Cocker – Woman to woman
  • Blair – Nightlife
  • Michael Zager Band – Don’t sneak on me
  • Sunburst band – Everydub
  • Dennis Parker – Like an eagle
  • Parlour – Sark powers
  • Norman Giscombe Jr – Get up and dance
  • Secrets – Unknown
  • Vakula – Different tone
  • Theo Parrish – Twin cities
  • Toby Tobias – Macasu (MCDE rmx)
  • Mascara - Baja (Instrumental Dub Version)
  • Was not was – Wheel me out
  • Chicago Shags – Flamingo world
  • East 17 divisions – Textures
  • Charles B - Lack of love (Garage mix)
  • Maurice Fulton - This Is What You Want (Dr Scratch Vibe Mix)
  • Seahawks – Omega beach    

Friday, 2 July 2010

Summer Boogie

From tomorrow i'm starting a new summer residency throughout July and August. I'm very exctied to say the least as I haven't done this for quite a few years. I guess it's going to be a quite ruff mix from jazz to techno. You know; joining the dots and all that. That's obviously the beauty of having a 'residency' - to form and shape the musical direction.
So here's some tunes to share my enthusiasm and which most certainly will get some spins throughout the summer.