Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ann Margret - Midnight message

I've got no clue what plans the ex-swede Ann Margret Olsson had when she left the rurals of Jämtland in her young years. It's hard to believe she thought, she would end up doing this heavy leftfield-ish disco piece in 'Midnight message' with Paul Sabu. Even though presenting a fairly long discography, I believe these fine moments are quite a rare for her.
Certainly my cup and I hope you dig too!

Ann Margret - Midnight message (192)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sinnamon - I need you now

Here's one of the early blueprints of modern, soulful dance music. A stone cold classic in the 83' boogie tune from the girl group Sinnamon and 'I need you now'. They had some bigger, commercial success with some other songs, but this one is it. 
Nuff said, really.
Hope you dig!

Sinnamon - I need you now (192)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Craig Peyton - Be thankful for what you got

Here's a great take on William DeWaughn's iconic Philly classic 'Be thankful for what you got'. This is the instrumental version of the Craig Peyton 12" from 83' on Profile Records (which later on became the legendary Hip Hop label). Personally I do prefer this instrumental even though the vocal is more or less a dub version. Anyway, this should fit somewhere between the boogie and more contemporary house stuff.
Hope you dig!

Craig Peyton - Be thankful for what you got (192)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Quick - One light in a blackout

For me this one balances on a fine line on the verge of tipping over to the cheezy side. But it doesn't. 'One night in a blackout' by The Quick has been a big personal favourite for the past times. Obviously, if you're into vintage dance music it's very much a timeless piece with its soulful sound. This rip is off the 12" with the extended version.
Hope you dig!

The Quick - One light a in blackout