Sunday, 30 June 2013

Annabel Lamb - Riders on the storm

A few rockers might have issues with this. Don't know?! Neither care. I've been moving house for past few weeks, and anyone with a substantial collection knows the work put into that. Obviously a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted stuff, and in my case also finding new discoveries in the collection. And i got a few more... 
This one from Annabel Lamb in The Doors "Riders on the storm" is one of them. There's actually a quite recent edit from Yam Who? and Ashley Beedle (which I actually got before knowing the existence of this original and my personal copy ). 
Anyways, records are still all in a mess and I picked first one of the pile. Just to reveal the mysterious Annabel behind the edit from the guys. And i'd say it's a decent spin in the right, leftfield context to make the kids a bit confused. And new discoveries are always exiting. 
So here we go, hope you dig!

Annabel Lamb - Riders on the storm

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Epic Disco

I had a gig cancelled due to some shitty weather last night, so I cooked this one up instead. Bits of fairly new-ish house, older house, some retro disco and italo bits (some recently blogged here).
Hope you dig!