Friday, 30 April 2010

Michel Legrand - Un Homme Est Mort

This is a bad motherph*cker by Michel Legrand, from the soundtrack off Un Homme est Morte.Can't say I know much about him, I know he's composed quite a few soundtracks. There's a few jazzier ones, which are quite nice. But I felt the urge to give some heads up for this one. The original is very (very) scarce, Jazzman Gerald claims he's only seen a copy once. Now reissued by the fine Vadim Music. A bit pricier than your average reissue, but your getting what you pay for. Original artwork, inner sleeve and all that, but the track is worth it all alone.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Karen Young - Deetour

I've got some outdoor gigs lined up for this summer. This is certainly one track that will get some spins from me this season; Karen Youngs - Deetour. Some would call it balearica - fair enough, but to avoid that particular reference, I'd say it easily crosses over to other genres. 
And first and foremost a great track which shouldn't fail.

Karen Young - Deetour (320)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Arthur Verocai mix by DJ Nuts

Arthur Verocai is one of my all-time favourite producers and arrangers from Brasil. His self titled LP is just one of those records you will appriciate for the rest of your life. Dj Nuts is the.., perhaps the brasilian Dj Shadow?! Amazing tunes and skills.
So this particular mix, I believe, has something to do with the Brasil-in-time project by Mochilla. Anyhow, check it out at The Sounds of VTech. It's beautiful!

"DJ Nuts is an astute and rigorous historian of Brasil’s vast and varied musical culture. His record collection is legendary; his skills as a DJ are world class. We commissioned him to make this mix to help people understand the extraordinary legacy of Verocai. Many by now know Verocai’s self-titled album, some even know the more popular compositions and arrangements, but none have dug as hard as Nuts. Years of collecting and a strong friendship with Verocai himself have made this historic mix possible. 78 minutes of all Verocai compositions and arrangements is a dream come true.
For such a mix to be made, only a true Brasilian music aficionado could have created this, and we are honored to be able to share it with you."

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Norman Giscombe Jr. - Get up & dance

This a proper party record. Funky as h*ll disco, boogie, or whatever you want to call it. From Norman Giscombe Jr. on a 12" on the Fire-Sign label. 

Norman Giscombe Jr. - Get up & dance (320)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Happy birthday Herbie Hancock

It's his 70th today. A true living legend, just check the Nobu tune - waaay ahead of its time. We''re talking techno here, from the Japan only LP 'Dedication'.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Michael Franks - Born with the moon in virgo

Wherever I play this one it gets a great reaction. Last night a guy asks me 'what do you call this music?' It's not the easiest to tell, it just flows through different flavours with great dynamics. 
So here you go - a fantastic piece of music from Michael Franks self titled LP.

Michael Franks - Born with the moon in virgo (320)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gilles Peterson

Long time ago, when I was younger I was into sports. Ice hockey in particular, and Wayne Gretzky was the idol. Later on there’s been a few more, though I can’t really recall them at this time.  
When getting older I got more and more into music and to (briefly) summarize my musical development i'd say Gilles Peterson has been most influential during the last ten years. He's the main reason why i'm doing this, or rather why i'm doing it the way i'm doing it today. I knew about him during the Acid Jazz era, but wasn't really into that music back then. It wasn't until about 10 years ago, when I actually lived in the UK, when I properly got into his style. Again, I'd never heard stuff like that, played on the radio. Not with that attitude. All of a sudden the noodly jazz made sense, played next to an UR track.
Back then, around 2000, I probably could have bought anything listed by him blindly. I wouldn't do that today, but as far as breaking great jazz and soul music - he is the main man. Check out the video, the first part of three.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Edu & Tom - Vento Bravo

A bit of spring-ful music, here from Edu & Tom. I.e the brasilian artists Edu Lobo & Tom Jobim, from the self titled 1981 LP. 


Thursday, 1 April 2010

JayStarSeven Pt.2

More good stuff from the Jaystar, more uptempo compared to the first part. Some nice boogie and disco sounds turning into a proper carnival. Enjoy!

1. Jack City // Andres 
2. Thug Rock (M&M Mix) // Sandy Kerr 
3. Such A Feeling (Part 2 & 3) // 
4. Falling // Linkwood 
5. Ts One The Mike (Greg Wilson Edit) // Mike T 
6. Everyman (DJ Cubeism Edit) // Double Exposure 
7. Love Hangover / Touch 
8. When Your Jones Come Down (Edit) // Suger "Bear" Johnson 
9. Discolypso (Edit) // Mandrill 
10. Let's Go To Brasilia (Ray Mang Edit) // Tele Music Remixed 
11. Camino Livre (Edit) // La Fete Bresilienne 
12. Princesa Negra de Angola (Instrumental) // Bebeto 
13. Agibore // MPB 4 
14. Cumbia Colombiana // Tropical Treats 
15. Happy Soul With A Hook (DJ Format rmx) // Dave Cortez 
16. I like it like that (Aaron Jerome edit) // Pete Rodriguez

    DJ-Set from Nomaden 2 (2nd hour) by JayStarSeven