Sunday, 26 April 2009

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Tropical Treats

Rickard Masip from Tropical Treats/Raw Fusion and Recordmania has kindly shared this really cool mix. Within certain circles he's a well known connoissuer of all things rare and funky. Recently back from digging in Colombia.
I've had the pleasure to hear him dj a few times, and he's a class selector as this mix also proves. Here you get to hear a great selection of funky latin & caribbean sounds, some heavy african & reggae tunes.

You need to check out yourself, I g
uarantee there isn't much you've heard before. Personally I think this is the kind of sh-t I wanna hear on a nice sunny day. Or in a dark, sweaty basement for that matter. Enjoy!


Jackie Mittoo - Armagideon rock
Eric Cosaque - Guadeloupe ile de mes amours
La Tromba - Calaba calabao
Hafusa Abasi - Hayechi Mnazo
Tilaye Chemwaka - Unknown title ? (45 label is unreadable)
Joey Pastrana - A bailar oriza
Combo de caney - La mini falda
Les Vikings - Ambiance
Les Volcans porto novo - Jomido
Ebo Taylor - Odofo nyi akyiri biara
Ahmed Juma Ensemble - Mama matotoya
Bembinhos - Tiahuanaco
Rafael Labasta - Labasta llego
Johnny Sedes - Carupano canta
Julian y su combo - Salsa y bembe
La Roche - Arpa en salsa
Sweet Talks - Mampam sukuruwe
Cicada - Oli nkwu
Orchestre Veve star - Niturudia
Bruce Ruffin - Save the people

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Mayer Hawthorne

Here's the B-side for the next single from Mr. Hawthorne - 'I wish it could rain'. It's on the 'Maybe so Maybe no' 12":

While being on the subject, here's the original for 'Maybe so Maybe no':

Update: Get a free download of 'Maybe so' at Stones Throw

Monday, 20 April 2009


Here's a great remix by Aaron Jerome, on Victer Duplaix's "Messages". It's out there if you look around. Check clip, it's baaad!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Record Shops

Today I want to pay homage to a few of the reord shops I've visited through the years. Nowadays I don't get the chance to pop into any decent shops too often. Due deference to Internet, there's nothing like walking into a real shop. For good or bad, to be honest. When going to Stockholm, I sometimes avoid going the shops as they're just too good, and It's just a burden to be encountered by these brilliant records that that are going to dig deep holes into your pockets.
Anyway, here's a list of great shops, some still around, that I've been to:
  • Vaxkupan. In my hometown (Nkpg), where I seriously started to buy records in the early 90's.
  • Recordmania, Stockholm. Simply one of the best shops I've ever been to.
  • Soul Jazz, London, especially the old one at Ingestre Place.
  • Fat Cat, London. Was always an essential stop on frequent trips to London in the 90's.
  • Atlas, London, as Fat Cat crucial for electronic isht in the 90's.
  • Reckless, London. There's a few around which always where great for promo's.
  • HMV, London. It could actually be really good at times.
  • Black Market, London. The basement for Drum'n'bass is just a great memory.
  • Honest Jons, London. Cool shop & cool staff. A nice trip to get out to out to west London when living there early 2000.
  • Guiness Records, Tokyo. The look and the records. Only in Japan.
  • Jazzy Sport, Tokyo. Really hard to find on the 5th floor in an office-type of building.
  • Disk Union, Tokyo. Various branches in focused on different genres. One of the best.
  • Especial, Kyoto. A quite small but nice selection of jazz and related.
There's loads more, and hopefully I'll still get the chance to enter a few of them in the future.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Dr. Bob Jones

Check this article on Bob Jones - One of the dj's DJ. 40 years as a club dj and still counting. He talks about being addictive to vinyl records, why today's dj's seem to lack of musical knowledge and are more of technicians rather than musical connoisseurs.
Also good to see that he's part of a new book on the history of the UK jazz dance scene written by legendary dj Snowboy - From Jazz Funk And Fusion To Acid Jazz - The History Of The UK Jazz Dance Scene

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Another mix in 2 halves - Fusion & House

A physical education teacher once said the hardest trick to do with a ball, is to hold it still. Obviously you can't do that when you're 9. There's some similarities to my musical taste/dj-ing style. I can't stick to one genre. If it's good, if it's got the funk, it needs to be in. Sometimes it might get a bit messy, and sometimes it just flows.
Anyway, I just got the Judy Roberts LP, and the Black Cock 12", you know it's always nice to test some new tunes. So I took it from there, from kind of fusion-ish to some more modern, programmed jazzy bits. Starting, and showing off with the Pete Dunaway track, not really fusion but an amazing track. Check it out:
  1. Pete Dunaway - Supermarket
  2. Edu & Tom - Vento bravo
  3. Seawind - Free
  4. The Judy Roberts Band - Never was love
  5. The Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Everything is love (Harvey edit)
  6. Blaze - Wishing you were here (Joey Negro rmx)
  7. Digital Funk Addicts - Higher level
  8. Rick Wade - Harsh Thoughts
  9. Lighthouse Family - High (E-dancer dub)
  10. Etienne Jaumet - Repeat again after me (Ame rmx)
  11. Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz live edit)
  12. Herbie Hancock - Nobu (Radioslave edit)
  13. Pepe Bradock - Mandragore
  14. Motorbass - Ezio
  15. Jean-Luc Ponty - Computer incantations for world peace

Monday, 6 April 2009

Shades of Soul

Check this site out! If you got the slightest interest in vintage dance music, you need to go there.
There's loads of live footage, interviews etc. It's all about the soul and related. I watched some of the latin bits; Tito Puente, Willie Colón etc. Yes, we're talking proper Bogaloo! There's also some stuff on Max Roach, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and other soul artists.
Unfortunately It's not possible to embed any stuff, but you find it here.