Sunday, 14 June 2009

Summer Madness

Again, a long time off. It's just been really busy times. Obviously keeping some thoughts on the blogging thing, but never got around to do anything. Anyway, tried to get my s-it together here and deliver something.
Voila, some deeper stuff just out of the decks. Nothing planned, just randomly picked stuff out of the crates. Sure, I wanted to keep it quite deep. Sort of, anyway. 1 take, nothing flashy, not trying to be clever, just great tracks and songs. Occasionally jazzy, spacey and soulful.
  1. Build an ark - You yourself are the key to the universe
  2. Raphael Saadiq - Sky's the limit (Yam Who)
  3. Jon Lucien - Would you beleive in me
  4. Jorge Ben - Zula
  5. Azambuja & Cia - Tema do Azambuja
  6. Vangelis - Let it happen
  7. Can - Future days (CC rmx)
  8. Freddie Hubbard - Little sunflower (Theo P. edit)
  9. Yusef Lateef - Brother John
  10. Osunlade - The promise
  11. Dabrye - Magic says
  12. Palmskin production - The beast (Autechre rmx)
  13. James Vincent -Space traveller
  14. Goldfrapp - Clowns
  15. Carlos Nino - Fall in love



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Sure, nice & balearic for a Sunday.