Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mulato Astatke

I heard a great story on how Mulato's music happenend on the soundtrack of Broken Flowers. Apperently director Jim Jarmusch was a big fan of Mulato and ended up adding an african-american character to the movie just to get the Ethiopian connection, and therefore getting Mulato's music as a significant part of the story. Actually check the story from the source, Gilles Peterson recently did a podcast worth checking out.
Obviously you need to check out the new recording from Heliocentrics & Mulato Astatke. Out on Strut Records, and certainly an essential record if you ask me.
Meanwhile check this one. Come out, I believe in 05', don't actually know who's behind it. A cheeky edit on Yègellé Tezeta, handy for the toilet break, and to f-ck up the kids on the dancefloor.

Nephews of Phela - Mulah 2 (320)

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