Sunday, 18 December 2011

Au Pairs - Headache for Michelle

I first heard this on Jazzman Gerald mix. Certainly a bit out of the hat for being him, but definately up my street. This is off an LP called 'Playing with a different sex', can't really say anything smart about the gender reference in the title. Ayway, a great track in 'Headache for Michelle'.
Hope you dig! 

Au Pairs - Headache for Michelle (192)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tractor - Everytime it happens

I've been really sucked into my disco, and more dancey stuff for the past times. And sometimes I need to remind myself to get back to jazz and related. Well, this is not really jazz related, but still slightly alternative from the other stuff on this blog. And I'm really into my folk and psych as well, like this one from Tractor in 'Everytime it happens' from their self titled 72' LP. If you want an original pressing of this you need to fork out a substantial amount of money, this rip though, is from later reissue. Actually the original label - Dandelion was the legendary brittish radio DJ John Peels'.
So, a step aside from my ordinary posts, but none the less fantastic music.
Hope you dig!

Tractor - Everytime it happens (192)