Sunday, 26 June 2011

S.S.O Orchestra - Faded Lady

You probably heard parts of this loads of times. Sampled here and there, but very much a great track in it's own. "Faded Lady" by the S.S.O Orchestra is off the "Shine your ligth" LP on Shadybrook. I believe, last year, a BBE 7" sampler surfaced with an unreleased instrumental of the track. 

S.S.O Orchestra - Faded Lady (192)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Disco File

I made this yesterday at a friends place. I wanted to do that as he got a nice set up with these rotary things and isolators. I must say I'm hooked on playing with a rotary mixer. As I'm not much of a technical virtuoso I get these smooth blends, but it's very much about the great feel turning the knobs. Obviously the sound quality is second to none.
As always, a quite spontanious affair. It needs to be done when there's inspiration and flow. So here's one take, strictly vinyl down to file. Bits of soul, disco, house. Mostly original tracks, but a few edits here and there.
Thanks for checking - enjoy!
 The Disco File by trustmybeats 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Crusaders - Sweet n' sour

This is such heavy and sweet tune! 
Proper jazz funk for serious dancers. There are some heavy weight players behind this, formerly known as The Jazz Crusaders. Played by the usual suspects, GP and TP et all, but I've also seen Dj's like Harvey spin this. 
It's Off the 1977 'Free as the wind' LP and if you like to mix up with some jazzy styles there are no reasons to ignore this tune!
Hope you dig!

The Crusaders - Sweet n' sour (192)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Yusef Lateef - Like it is

I was doing this jazz gig earlier this week. It was great! A bit like finding back to the essential bit of playing records out publically. Just letting the music connect you and the audience. In a very pure way. No hyped up or banging tunes, sure funky, but you know, still jazz. I guess I covered the most spectras, anything from Gainsbourg to Coltrane. Great fun, hard work though. Originally planned for 3 hours, the gig went up to almost 6 hours. 
So here's a little honour to all things jazz. Yusef Lateef has been a favourite since day one basically. Well, day one counting from my involvement in jazz that is. This song - 'Like it is' is off the 'The blue Yusef Lateef' LP.
Hope you feel it!

Yusef Lateef - Like it is