Sunday, 29 November 2009

Winter warmers Vol. 1

This is a spontaneously put together mini-mix. I chucked in the Erykah Badu in the last few seconds. Still with a lot of care.
Possibly suitable for your bus ride during these darker months (unless you live on the other side of the planet or walk for that matter). No clever idea behind the programming, just great tunes basically. I actually did left some jazzy bits out from this one.
Just to save for later.
Starting of quite dark with the Harry Whitaker(!) produced 'I can see the sun in late December' by Roberta Flack. Then into one of the best releases of old unreleased music, from the last few years; 24-Carat Black. Check that LP! Some moody psych-ish stuff from Spirit and then into some top-class and slightly more joyfull soul music.
The idea is to try to make a few more, therefore the volume bit in the labelling.
Hope you'll enjoy it!


  • Roberta Flack - I can see the sun in late December
  • 24 Carat Black - I want to make up
  • Spirit - Ice
  • Clark Sisters - Ha-ya
  • Erykah Badu - Bag lady
  • Dionne Warwick - You're gonna need me
  • Odyssey - Our lives are shaped of what we love
  • Marvin Gaye - Where are we going
Winter Warmers Vol. 1 (Download)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Deirdre Wilson Tabac - I Can't Keep from Cryin' Sometimes

When your record consuming gets close to collecting habits, one of the great rewards is when you get a good bargain. Sometimes it's like a sport. Your skills such as knowledge and patience are well needed when looking for records. Obviously you need some luck to score that particular record. And when you do win, or in this case find the record, it's a great feeling.
A had a bit of that moment today finding the Deirdre Wilson Tabac LP. Sure, it's quite an easy find as long as you're willing to pay the price. But getting it for less than a dollar is great. So to celebrate this moment i'll share the best track from it. It also has a quite cool version of Beatles' 'Get back' on it. Both available on a Jazzman 45.
So here you, tomorrow the search goes on for another victory.

Deirdre Wilson Tabac - I Can't Keep from Cryin' Sometimes (320)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Willis Jackson - Nuther'n Like Thuther'n

Just bought some fluids* to clean my wax and making them sound even better. One of the first old bits that needed a bit of polishment was my copy of Willis Jackson's 'More Gravy' on Prestige. Provided here is obviously the classic jazz dancer - Nuther'n Like Thuther'n.
Still sounding a bit rusty, but hey - it's an old record which sometimes tastes even better with some dust. Enjoy!

Willis Jackson - Nuther'n Like Thuther'n (256)
*The magic formula for cleaning records is 3/4 of isopropanol and 1/4 of distilled water and a nice old, soft cloth. And trust me on this one, I got the tip from one of the finest in the business.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Heatwave - Goin' Crazy

This is a superbaad track. 'Goin' crazy' from Heatwave's Candles LP. Nothing ellusive or valuable moneywise in collectors circles. None the less fantastic music and a must have track due to its superior musical class.
I guess that's about it for this time. Well, keep looking back. I've had some good finds lately (think I need to slow down my bying a bit) and I'm planning a mix or two.

Till then - Enjoy the track!

Heatwave - Goin' Crazy (320)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Wallifornia Soul

I always find it great to hear stories on passionate people. This one is about a Belgian soul fan and crate digger. A nice little documentary by the people from Laidback.

Wallifornia Soul from Laid Back on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Colors - Am I Gonna Be The One

I got interviewed by a local paper today. It was a sort of '10 quick questions' for an article portraying some dj's from the area. Even though I knew the writer since before, and he's got some cool musical references, it's a bit tricky to describe what my dj'ing is about. And especially what I think makes good dj'ing. A bit arbitrary question to get into, but I'm not sure many get the idea for the passion of music. For me great dj's are really passionate about what they do, that's the foundation. A bit like Bill Brewster says in 'Last night a DJ saved my life': "you have to develop the hunger" (in the book referring to vinyl records which could be transfered to just music in this digital age).
Anyway, from my slightly 'constructed' intro for this post, to the essentials. Still to illustrate some of the hunger that I believe great dj's need.
Colors - Am I gonna be the one, on First Take Records from 83' - a fantastic piece of boogie.
So here you go, enjoy:

Colors - Am i gonna be the one (320)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Jean-Luc Ponty - Computer incantations for world peace

Now to something slightly different content, compared to the stuff I normally post, this time from Jean-Luc Ponty. The french jazz violonist, possibly most known (at least within my circles) for the jazz-funk track 'In the fast lane'. This one, 'Computer incantations for world peace' from the 'Individual choice' LP, is a bit hard to define when it comes to genre.
None the less a great track which Underground Resistance sampled on one of my favourite UR tracks 'Journey of the dragons'.

The track was also recently comped by the Sonar Kollektiv camp, still nothing hard to find if you want the original LP. So for all of you who might be pleased with a digital version - here you go. Enjoy!

Jean-Luc Pony - Computer incantations for world peace (320)