Thursday, 25 June 2009

R I P Michael Jackson

Sad news on the passing of Michael Jackson. I'd say the 'Off the wall' LP is the pop record all-time. Very much the work of Quincey Jones, but also highlights the musical genious of Michael Jackson. Interesting on a producer note is also that a young Fonce Mizell was co-producing on the big Jackson 5 hit 'I want you back'.
For me MJ got very alienated since the eighties, but as a musical icon he's always going to be part of the history. Let's hope he gets remebered for his music.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Tamba Trio & Varig DC-10

This is just a weird cultural artefact, as well as a cultural commodity. This record is promotion record for the brasilian airline, and in particular their DC-10 plane. Tamba Trio was contracted to give some edge for the airline, and was handed out as a giveaway for the passengers. Overrall, quite cheesy bossa-stuff with a few nice left-of-centre musical highlights.
Mestre Bimba need some plays this summer. Enjoy with the juice & peanuts:

Tamba Trio - Mestre Bimba (320)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Calender - Comin' on strong

Making up for my almost, non-existent posting. Here's another one from Calender - 'Comin' on strong' from the It's a monster LP. Big with Theo P amongst others. And it's certainly a monster track; right down dirty disco funk. There was an edit floating around som time ago, but I think the original does the trick.

Calender - Comin' on strong (320)

Billy Ocean - Nights

Keeping my rather slow speed on posting. Anyway, it's time for some boogie action. I stumbled across this when going through some old stuff. Great tune from the man Billy Ocean. This one is re-edit from Stonebridge, from 88 on the SweMix label. Apparently the Stonebridge dude has had some taste back in the days. Nowadays I believe he's just playing plain stupid house music.
So here you go, a nice little treat that crosses over most audiences.

Billy Ocean - Nights (320)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Summer Madness

Again, a long time off. It's just been really busy times. Obviously keeping some thoughts on the blogging thing, but never got around to do anything. Anyway, tried to get my s-it together here and deliver something.
Voila, some deeper stuff just out of the decks. Nothing planned, just randomly picked stuff out of the crates. Sure, I wanted to keep it quite deep. Sort of, anyway. 1 take, nothing flashy, not trying to be clever, just great tracks and songs. Occasionally jazzy, spacey and soulful.
  1. Build an ark - You yourself are the key to the universe
  2. Raphael Saadiq - Sky's the limit (Yam Who)
  3. Jon Lucien - Would you beleive in me
  4. Jorge Ben - Zula
  5. Azambuja & Cia - Tema do Azambuja
  6. Vangelis - Let it happen
  7. Can - Future days (CC rmx)
  8. Freddie Hubbard - Little sunflower (Theo P. edit)
  9. Yusef Lateef - Brother John
  10. Osunlade - The promise
  11. Dabrye - Magic says
  12. Palmskin production - The beast (Autechre rmx)
  13. James Vincent -Space traveller
  14. Goldfrapp - Clowns
  15. Carlos Nino - Fall in love


Monday, 1 June 2009

Pete Dunaway - Supermarket

It's been a long absence. Just loads of work, good weather and all. But still not inactive musicwise. Actually had 3 packages in the post today; some random bits from the bay, Fatcity and Dustygroove.
Though, I'm thinking I need to give you a real treat this time. A quite ellusive record by Pete Dunaway, though it's not his original name (which I can't find at the moment). Apparently it was quite common to take on a 'western' sounding name at this time. And yes, he's brasilian. Not your typical sounding brasilian stuff either. Nonetheless an amazing track in Supermarket.

Good news for you who can't fork out the money for the original LP, is that it's going to be on DJ Cliffy's second volume of Black Rio. What I've heard so far from there, sounds really really good. I believe, out soon on Strut Records.
Till then, a vinyl rip of the so fantastic track:

Pete Dunaway - Supermarket (320)