Sunday, 30 October 2011

Barbara Mason- Darling come back home

A slow and sleazy heavy hitter from Barbara Mason. "Darling come back home" is off the Prelude LP "I am your woman, she is your wife". This is the sort of stuff I always love to spin early on in my sets. Well, whenever I can actually. Check the intro, it's baaad and screams for a sample or edit.
Hope you enjoy! 

Barbara Mason- Darling come back home (192)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Brian Bennett - Solstice

I'm not much of a library record man but i've got the odd one. This is amongst the finest. From Brian Bennett in 'Solstice' and from the "Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)" LP. A really nice laidback, spacey and generally funky affair.
Hope you dig!

Brian Bennett - Solstice (192)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hodges, James and Smith - Since I Fell For You/I'm Falling In Love

This is ten and a half minutes of pure soul heaven. Dropped at the right time and place, it gets any decent party off the roof. Apparently they tried to take on The Supremes for the primacy of a soul super group at the time, but never really achieved that. Anyway, this is really nice and on the flip of the London 'Don't take away your love' 12". Lot's of music and love for a cheap price if you want the vinyl.
Hope you dig!
Hodges, James and Smith - Since I Fell For You/I'm Falling In Love (192)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

David Essex - Rock on

Looking back on the music covered in this blog it takes a rather broad perspective. Anything from quite spiritual jazz to stuff like this. I guess, just different stuff for different occassions. As long it's got the swing there is a place for it here. 
So this is from David Essex 'Rock on' LP. I can't say anything on his place in the field of brittish(?) popular music, but I guess he's musically gone totally different ways after this. And I can't recall I've heard anything else of interest from him. But this one certainly got some swing, some funk even the slow pace. And I try to squeeze it in when- or wherever possible.  
Rock on it is!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Let's go swimming

Great to see this new package from Audika getting a release. It's about some rare mixes of Arthur Russell's 'Lets go swimming', seeing the ligt of the day. Here's one by Walter Gibson. Personally I'm really into the 'Make 1, 2' (Gem Spa Dub).