Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jerry Williams - Easy on yourself

This is not be confused with its Swedish namesake. It's from the US rocker Jerry Williams which I can't say much about, besides it's a lot sleazier and funkier tha any other Jerry. The track is ripped of a LP call 'Gone', I haven't been listening through it properly, but as far I've heard it hasn't much else to offer. He's also doing a version of Horace Silver's 'Song for my father', which from my jazz perspective he should have left undone.
But this is like fine cheeze in 'Easy on yourself'.
Hope you dig!

Jerry Williams - Easy on yourself (192)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lalomie Washburn - Give Me Love With The Music

It's a bit of a special feeling when you find those thirty year old records which hasn't been touched by the hand of man. That's the story with this one from Lalomie Washburn which I recently found a sealed copy of. The LP is "My music is hot", nothing ellusive and I believe also reissued at some point. But still a bit of icing on the cake to the 3 second rush when unpacking your precious new record (and before shelving it).
Anyway, the track is "Give Me Love With The Music" and it's just, such a sweet and soulful disco banger and would probably fit nicely anywhere in a decent set. 
Hope you dig!

Lalomie Washburn - Give Me Love With The Music (192)

Good old RW

DJ Harvey - Interview  - AllSaints Basement Sessions from AllSaints Spitalfields on Vimeo.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Chilly - Dance with me

Here's a bit of European disco, slightly on the 'whiter' side with the guitars and the typical baseline. None the less good stuff to drop now and then. This is from 'Chilly', the Germans possibly mostly known for the track 'For your love' off the same LP. For anyone into this, there's another good one from them in the 'Showbiz' LP. But beware, occasionally (or mostly?) the majority of the LP tracks go very, very wrong. But here's a nugget for you.
Hope you dig!

Chilly - Dance with me (320)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

America - Are you there

Here's a nice and warming drop from the other night. A piece of mature and blue eyed soul from America in 'Are you there' and off the 1977 'Harbor' LP. Actually produced by the George Martin. 
Hope you dig!