Saturday, 2 May 2009

Dennis Coffey

This is a well played track for me. Especially for about ten years ago, but going back to it now makes me realise how great track this is. Dennis Coffey is one guys who's delivered lots of breaks (or riffs rather) to the hip hop community. I'm actually bit of novice in this field, but he's done quite a few blaxploation soundtracks during his career. He's also got a quite interesting background in Detroit in the sixties. Being a session player at Motown and close to the Funk Brothers. I started to look around for some stuff and found this, check words from the man himself:

Back to what I actually what I wanted to give you initially; Theme from Black belt Jones. It's a vinyl rip from my, bit worn out, 7". Quite elusive nowadays, but there's quite a lot reissues around in one form or another. The Jedi Knights also did a fairly nice version of this break.

Theme from black belt Jones (320)

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