Sunday, 10 May 2009

Blair - Nightlife

Forget about all trendy sh-te that comes and goes. This is the sh*t. Blair - Nightlife Lp from 78' on Solar Sounds. The title track is just an amazing piece of dance music, and if you like your fusion there's also 'Virgo Princess' on the LP. Talking bout new music, there's obviously still good stuff coming out, John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis recently covered this one. Sure a fine take with an uptempo edit by Bug in the Attic & broken beat meister Daz I Kue. So till you can get your hands on the original LP, check the new version on Future Soul Records, or this vinyl rip:

Blair - Nightlife (320)


Anonymous said...

please repost? many thanks for all your hard work.

P. said...

sorry for late respons..