Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wham - Lovemaker

The story from last weekend repeats itself. I went back to the same flea market as the seller had promised to bring along some more records. I specifically asked for 12"s as I knew he had some, and sure he did. I picked up a few disco bangers and other stuff. I was specially pleased with this 12" from Wham - 'Lovemaker' in a Jim Burgess mix. Obviously not to mix with the UK pop sensation from the 80's. 
As I had no knowledge of them, I took a chance on it. Though, I briefly could remember, seing an LP listed on a fine sellers site so I realised I was on to something.  And here we go, a nice piece of leftfield with a mature west coast feeling. 
Hope you dig too!

Wham - Lovemaker (192)

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