Sunday, 6 November 2011


Things have been really busy for the past time. Obviously there's always time to buy the records and I've actually been playing quite lot (for me that is) during the last few months. But still no time, or energy rather, to enjoy the music. Now things are slowly getting back to normal, and I've also been upgrading my sounds at home. So this morning I felt the urge to try these new thing out, and here's the result out of all that. 
It's not full perfection yet (neither mixing or setup) but I very much enjoyed doing it. Obviously it's a bit strenous with mixing records and getting the mixes tight and all, but again - it's just really great to get into the music again.
Apart from the more vintage sounding dance music, there's also quite a few new, or new-ish, tracks. Lately I've really been digging the stuff coming from the 100% Silk label, great leftfield-ish music going into some Arthur Russell territory. Maurice Fulton is another contemporary producer which I've always rated, somehow keeping it fresh and interesting but with the true old school boogie vibe kept. Otherwise some edits, original disco tracks and some slightly older (sounding) house tracks. I'll see if I'll be able to pin down a track list.
Anyways, I hope you dig and thanks for checking!

 Fleminggatan one by trustmybeats


isthisoneok said...

pin down a track list man! this is nice, feeling it for sure!

P. said...

oh; its' up here nowadays. with tracklist and all. thanks for checking and feedback!