Friday, 11 March 2011

Milton Nascimento - Para Lennon Et McCartney

It's been while since last proper post. Too exhausted and actually an overload of music, too much playing for the past months. As much as I like playing out, I need to keep on fairly reasonable level. I need to build up a hunger for the music, avoiding going into routine. Doing both Fridays and Saturdays is therefore a bit risky. 
Anyway, it's slower now, which is good.
Following on the Brasilian tip since a few weeks back. Here you get a true classic from one of the greatest ambassadors of Brasilian music. Para Lennon et McCartney by Milton Nascimento off his self titled LP. Just a great track, nice to pull out and drop whenever there's room for some quality audio.
Classic stuff!

Milton Nascimento - Para Lennon Et McCartney (320)

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