Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hip ain't what it used to be

I think this might be the official week for Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew" 40th anniversary. I'm not a massive fan, I've got the odd record. Though the "Someday my prince will come" was one of the first LP's I bought when I seriously started to get into jazz. Previously I had some Hancock records and the sort of jazz stuff you just 'wanted' in your collection. But this was the time when I really started to feel the music and I remember Recordmania was the place for the actual purchase.
This particular track, a fantastic modal piece, has always been a favourite since. Without knowing the history in detail I'm guessing this is a tribute to his longtime producer Teo Macero. For those of you who hasn't checked Miles' autobiography- it's great read. I haven't tried the Bitches Brew beer yet, but I'm sure it has been produced with a lot of care. Cin cin!

Miles Davis - Teo

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