Sunday, 26 September 2010

Autumn mix up

This is something I put together the other night. A spontaneus process ending up in a fairly varied mix ranging from funky & folky; soul, rock, psych and even som Dilla. 
  • Steve Davis - It's all because she's gone 
  • Chris Harwood - Wooden ships
  • Air - Mr. Man
  • Tunng - Tale from black
  • Stereolab - Metronomic underground
  • J Dilla - Workinonit
  • Wilson Deirdre Tabac - Get back
  • Colosseum - Elegy
  • People - Glastonbury
  • Placebo - Humpty Dumpty
  • Dorothy Ashby - Soul vibrations
  • Darrow Fletcher - Now is the time for love (Pt. 2)
  • Trevor Dandy - Is there any love
  • Milt Matthews - It ain't your fault
  • Michael Franks - Born with the moon in virgo
  • Nancy Priddy - You've come this way before

Download mix


Cristian said...

Bra mix. Glad att ha hittat hit! bläddrade igenom lite vad du tipsat om här och har redan köpt ett par skivor på ebay.

P. said...

Super - kul att du hittade hit! Tack för feedback.