Monday, 16 August 2010

Stefano Torossi - Feeling tense

This is possibly as complete as music can get for me. It's got the breaks, strings, horns and the arrangement. Library of highest order from Stefano Torrosi. I'm not by any means an expert in this genre, but this record cought my attention after hearing the "Running fast" track from the LP - "Feelings". After that it went straight to my wantlist and I recently found one at a reasonable price. 
So far I'm happy with the Easy Tempo reissue, as looking for earlier pressings isn't really realistic right now. We're talking big money. Even though I haven't had the time to listen to this record properly, I must say from what I've heard, this is a baaad record. 
I hope you dig!

Stefano Torossi - Feeling tense (320)

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