Sunday, 1 August 2010

[Heads Up] 2 Excellent 45 Reissues

And now over to something completely different. I've been lazy at buying jazz and older soul sounds lately. Obviously it's a matter of prioritizing, but I can also be very periodic in my music consumption and for the past time it's been very much about the newer soul/disco/boogie stuff that is reflected in my postings. 
Anyhow, these two recently reissued 45's grabbed my attention and I immediately got an urge to bag these. 
The first one is from Jerline and friends. Taken from a cd only reissue from the Streetsoul label with previously unreleased tracks, only available as acetates in the past.  It's unbelievable how these tracks wheren't relesed back then. The quality is second to none, and accordingly to some sources these Chicago based musicians later became Starvue. Check it - it's killer stuff.

The second one comes from the great French label Vadim Music. Doing very much 'soundtracky' stuff from obscure sources. I think I heard this one from Jean Pierre Mirouze played by Jazzman Gerald and never bothered to look further as it's just one of those things that would cost you and arm and a leg to get hold of. I'm also quite certain it's been sampled or chopped up but can't for the moment recall by whom (please fill me in). Anyway, great funky organ stuff with enough groove to swing your legs to. 


Anonymous said...

J.p Mirouze was sampled & chopped by Kitchen Funk back in the 90´s for "Need somebody".. Best regards, Masip

P. said...

Nice 1 Masip! Will check.