Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Left of Centre

Making mixes is a bit of a mental hassle, this is usually where my confidence gets a bit of a tackle. The thrive for perfection is against accomplishment. Anyhow, last weekend, on the warmest day so far, I grabbed a stack of records and took it from there. To keep it simple and just to get it done.
No sync tools or other gimmicks, a bit ruff round the edges - one take on the decks. Soulful and sleazy, occassionally slightly left of centre, bits of house and all that.
I hope you dig!

  • Joe Cocker – Woman to woman
  • Blair – Nightlife
  • Michael Zager Band – Don’t sneak on me
  • Sunburst band – Everydub
  • Dennis Parker – Like an eagle
  • Parlour – Sark powers
  • Norman Giscombe Jr – Get up and dance
  • Secrets – Unknown
  • Vakula – Different tone
  • Theo Parrish – Twin cities
  • Toby Tobias – Macasu (MCDE rmx)
  • Mascara - Baja (Instrumental Dub Version)
  • Was not was – Wheel me out
  • Chicago Shags – Flamingo world
  • East 17 divisions – Textures
  • Charles B - Lack of love (Garage mix)
  • Maurice Fulton - This Is What You Want (Dr Scratch Vibe Mix)
  • Seahawks – Omega beach    

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