Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chaka Khan - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me

Sometimes you tend to forget about the obvious records. The sort of non-rare LP's by classic artists. This is the title track from one of those - Chaka Khan's "What cha' gonna do for me". Definately one of my favourite vocalists all time.This is such a solid LP, filled with great tracks that has standed the test of time. All I can say; if you haven't got this one - you need it.

Chaka Khan - What cha' gonna do for me (320)

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Luv Me Sum CK said...

To answer Chaka's question...about What I'ma do for her...exactly nothing baby. Because in my musical chronology of who is what, who did what, etc. etc - none surpasses the artistic diversity of the Empress of Funk, and musically speaking...cain't nobody (or was that Ain't Nobody), do nothing for her, because she needs no help.

This is the woman who has stepped outside of everyone's box. you think she's just rhythm & blues...and then she gives you "I Feel For You" - yes, true enough r&b, but also one of - if not the first r&b record which incorporated the then (remember this was back in the 80's), ever more popular new music form know as hip-hop...with the signature "Chaka Khan...Chaka Khan...Let me rock you, Chaka Khan", courtesy of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five front-man, Melle Mel, under the production of renowned record producer, Arif Mardin.

I could go on and on...but instead, I'll just say this: Chaka Khan is rhythm, blues, soul, funk, pop, jazz, gospel, standards, rock...and practically any other genre you might throw at her (other than possibly, classical).

If you don't need to find out. For all the newcomers, do your research, check out her catalog, and discover (or for those already in the-know, re-aquaint yourself with) "The Voice",'s not Aretha, Barbara, Mariah, or Celine. For my money's worth (not to mention personal preference I suppose), "The Voice" will always refer to the often times imitated yet never duplicated...voice of Chaka Khan. Reign on Chaka...reign on!!