Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Louie Ramirez - Barrio Nuevo

I'm quite a lot...a sort of 'periodic' when it comes to my music consumption. Occassionally i get the crawings for certain musical styles. Obviously, at least according to my own mind, with a stringency that relates to anything soulful and qualitative. Practically this means I've got some latin records laying about. I do play them at the right occassions, and they usually never fail to rock the party. This is one of those tracks, actually a bomb on any discerning dancefloor. Louie Ramirez - 'Barrio Nuevo' from the 'A different shade of black LP on Cotique, which I believe was an offshot from the Fania label at the time. Enjoy!

Louie Ramirez - Barrio Nuevo (320)

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Anonymous said...

SUPERB and unusual: a disco arrangement without disco beats.