Sunday, 30 August 2009

Courtial - Losing you

This is a fantastic track from the Courtial's - Don't you think it's time LP. A bit ellusive affair on the small Pipeline label. Not for every party, but certainly gets me going.
Speaking of hard work musicwise, I played this youth-festival-thingy. A bit to my surprise I was asked to take part. Not an obvious thing for me as I'm mostly into retro stuff nowadays and possibly can squeeze in some midtempo deep modern stuff. Sure a good opportunity to spread my gospel to a new audience, but do the kids really want to hear my stuff? And, sure I got it swinging, threw in a bit of hip hop and stuff that got'em nodding. Good to see some kids feeling the boogie stuff later on as well.
One funny thing was when a youngster was exposed to MJ's 'Off the wall' LP, and asked me - 'is that him'? Then the dude after me went on some sort of autopilot and played some poppy electro-house stuff. Needless to say, the kids went bananas...

So here's to all the David Guetta fans out there:

Courtial -
Losing you (320)

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