Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Brownswood Bubblers - Promo mix

Brownswood is the record label of the one and only Giles Peterson of BBC Radio 1. A long time connoisseur of everything jazzy, soulful etc. Now and then they release these compilations of some of the nicest contemporary soul. They're up to No. 4, and this particular giveaway is mix a mix of tracks from all 4 of them.
1. Soundspecies – Can We Call It Love (with Ahu) [BB4]
2. Simbad feat. Steelo – Soul Fever [BB1]
3. Bullion – Get Familiar [BB3]
4. NSM – The Hype [BB2]
5. Katalyst feat. Steve Spacek – How Bout Us [BB3]
6. Cornish Waters feat. Duchess – Walking [BB2]
7. Ayak & First Man – Can We Go Back? [BB1]
8. DJ Day – A Place To Go [BB3]
9. Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No [BB4]
10. Iman – Who Was I Trying To Fool [BB1]
11. Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers [BB2]
12. New Look – Everything [BB4]
Download it from here, and you get a nice set with the freshest music around.

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