Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Long time, no post. Busy times, both on a personal and professional level. But slowly getting back to the music again, actually plugged in my decks today for the first time in weeks.
Unfortunately we've had some tragic passings during the last weeks.
Like trillions of others, one of my first encounters with slightly more 'subcultural' music was with the Beastie Boys. At the time Paul's Boutique caught my attention and got me more interested in getting deeper into the history of black music. I remember not being too keen on the music, there were probably one or two tracks which I liked, but it was certainly more the samples that fascinated me. Later on the other LP's actually attracted me more musicwise. Obviously the clothing with X-Large was important at the time. 
All part of this was Adam 'MCA' Yauch. News about people passing in a too early age is always sad, but he will certainly leave his impression through the history of popular culture.
Wild Sugar's 'Bring it here' is one of many examples of their sample brilliance, and certainly a fine track in it's own.

Wild Sugar - Bring it here (192)
Donna Summer needs no introduction, even your mum knows about her. Being on top on the peak of the disco era she somehow embodies the cheezy disco stuff. But you can never foresee her contribution together with Mr. Moroder. Sure, they're all played out, but 'I feel love' is still one of the heaviest disco tracks of all time. There's no reason to deny that.
Here's probably a lesser known track, but a personal favourite of the 'Bad girls' LP. Walk away, a less euro-ish song for the more mature audience.

Donna Summer - Walk away (192)
I hope you dig!

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