Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lalomie Washburn - Give Me Love With The Music

It's a bit of a special feeling when you find those thirty year old records which hasn't been touched by the hand of man. That's the story with this one from Lalomie Washburn which I recently found a sealed copy of. The LP is "My music is hot", nothing ellusive and I believe also reissued at some point. But still a bit of icing on the cake to the 3 second rush when unpacking your precious new record (and before shelving it).
Anyway, the track is "Give Me Love With The Music" and it's just, such a sweet and soulful disco banger and would probably fit nicely anywhere in a decent set. 
Hope you dig!

Lalomie Washburn - Give Me Love With The Music (192)

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Michael J McEvoy said...

Check out Lalomie's last album, recorded in London in the 90s - has floor filler 'Try my Love'.