Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Vince Andrews - The one who needs you

Back again for a third come back or so. But you know, it's all been good, with a little rest and travelling. I actually went to the UK for a quick stop, and anyone into their retro glasses and jazz need to look at the Black Eyewear shop. It's in St Albans, not too far from London. I had to go and see myself and ended up with a new pair. 
I also listened to GP's jazz special some weeks ago and slowly but surely started to build up the urge for some jazz again. 
So here we go! An old favourite, a fine vocal piece from Vince Andrews in 'The one who needs you'. It's off the 'Love, oh love' LP, I believe there's a japanese reissue and it's been comped as well.
I hope you dig and come back soon! It's certainly gonna back to normal here now.
Thanks for checking!

Vince Andrews - The one who needs you (192)


Cristian said...

Great to have you back!

P. said...

Thanks for feedback - good to be back!