Monday, 18 July 2011

The Charlie Rose Band - Backwoods Echo

Back again from some absence. Actually, I've been overloaded on music for the past weeks. You know sometimes you just need a rest from whatever you're into. For me it's been about quite a few gigs recently, they were all good, but too much music can wear you out. Even the finest.
Anyways, here's good one from The Charlie Rose Band in "Backwoods Echo". Possibly not for everyone, but for the more adventurous jazz-funk dj's - certainly a fine tool. Dropped in the right context at the right time, it has huge potential. 
Hope you dig!

The Charlie Rose Band - Backwoods Echo

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Cristian said...

Grymt bra. Jag vill gå på ställen där det är tillräckligt högt i tak musikaliskt för att en sån här grej ska funka och funka bra!