Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Disco File

I made this yesterday at a friends place. I wanted to do that as he got a nice set up with these rotary things and isolators. I must say I'm hooked on playing with a rotary mixer. As I'm not much of a technical virtuoso I get these smooth blends, but it's very much about the great feel turning the knobs. Obviously the sound quality is second to none.
As always, a quite spontanious affair. It needs to be done when there's inspiration and flow. So here's one take, strictly vinyl down to file. Bits of soul, disco, house. Mostly original tracks, but a few edits here and there.
Thanks for checking - enjoy!
 The Disco File by trustmybeats 


Cristian said...

Grym mix! Misstänker att den kommer att bli soundtrack till mitt midsommarfirande!

P. said...

Man tackar, kul o höra!
Glad midsommar!