Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bebeto - Falda

So, I've been doing some tidying today. Especially focusing on the records, move them off the floor and such. Unfortunately not as in organising the collection. But obviously you bump into stuff that you haven't seen, or listened to for a while.
During some periods I've been bying some Brazilian stuff. I haven't got a huge amount, but there are some nice bits lying around. This is one; some nice and clubby stuff from Bebeto in 'Fadla' of the 'Batalha Maravilhosa' LP.
Check and dream away for some warmer places. 

Bebeto - Falda (320)


Cristian said...

Herregud! Det här är helt klart min påse. shit vad bra. blir att ge sig ut på ebay.

P. said...

Gött mos! Den bör inte vara så svårfunnen eller dyr. Lycka till!