Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mad Mats in the mix

Mad Mats was one of the first dj's that we booked back in the day when I first got involved in arranging clubs. This was back in 94', I believe, and we were really anxious to find out about the new stuff that was going during these pre-internet days. I clearly remember that he delivered, the place was on fire and our small-ish town experienced something never heard before. What struck me a few years later, was why the guy didn't get the recognition he deserved. Technical skills and a vast knowledge of all new and retro sounds, brasilian & latin music and such. Obviously it later took off with the Raw Fusion parties, the label and dj'ing. 
So here you go - 2 hours of connecting the musical dots. Soulful, funky and futuristic.

   Nov 2010 Mega Mix by madmats

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