Friday, 29 October 2010

Pam Todd - Makin' love

It's a bit of special feeling finding a 30-something year old record still sealed. I've been lurking on this one for a while and when this minty copy turned up I decided to have a go at it. The LP is "Together" by Pam Todd and the obvious(?) track from this LP might be the slightly more uptempo "Let's get together", which is great. 
Anyway, here you get "Makin' love", originally appearing on Pam Todd's first LP on Shyrlden from 77' and produced by the legendary Greg Carmichael. It's not your typical banger, but at the right time at the right place i'm sure it does the trick. 
I mean, you can't really oppose to the message.

Pam Todd - Makin' love (320)

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