Sunday, 16 May 2010

Music to zip drinks to

For better or worse, I need different flavours to spice up an ideal music experience. No matter how much can admire those who can do the tricks with strictly house music and such like, I get very easily bored if there's no dynamics in the mix.
Actually this introduction isn't going nowhere...
I guess my point is that this particular mix became a quite stringent towards the end with mainly soul/boogie stuff
. As it's done with none preparation, afterwards, I can think that it should have been programmed differently to make it even more "homogeneous". But, nah, that's not what i do. I enjoy it the most when having my stacks of records and the just let it flow. Obviously doing it in the bedroom, there's no audinece to communicate with, which it's essentially about. Therefore I always get a bit anxious about my selections, but on the other hand it's all about the tunes. And them, I'm quite confident with.
So here you go, the odd bit here and there, and then a full on (almost) boogie journey. But first and foremost a musical celebration for the summer months to come.

  • Ned Doheny - Get it up for love
  • Azambuja & Cia - Temo do Azambuja
  • Pockets - Pasado
  • Mr Chinn - Get's it together
  • Quiet Village - Too high to move
  • General Johnson - Don't walk away
  • The Sylvers - Only one can win
  • Nancy Wilson - Sunshine
  • Patsy Gallant - It'll all come around
  • Phyllis Hyman - Dont tell me, tell her
  • Sandra Sá - Terra azul
  • EWF - Brasilian Rhyme (D. Krivit edit)

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