Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gilles Peterson

Long time ago, when I was younger I was into sports. Ice hockey in particular, and Wayne Gretzky was the idol. Later on there’s been a few more, though I can’t really recall them at this time.  
When getting older I got more and more into music and to (briefly) summarize my musical development i'd say Gilles Peterson has been most influential during the last ten years. He's the main reason why i'm doing this, or rather why i'm doing it the way i'm doing it today. I knew about him during the Acid Jazz era, but wasn't really into that music back then. It wasn't until about 10 years ago, when I actually lived in the UK, when I properly got into his style. Again, I'd never heard stuff like that, played on the radio. Not with that attitude. All of a sudden the noodly jazz made sense, played next to an UR track.
Back then, around 2000, I probably could have bought anything listed by him blindly. I wouldn't do that today, but as far as breaking great jazz and soul music - he is the main man. Check out the video, the first part of three.

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