Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Danny Hunt - What's happening to our love affair

Need to keep up with my posting. So here's a quick one. But still very tasty. Danny Hunt's - 'What's happening to our love affair' on Dynamite. I came across this 45 not too long ago, first heard on a 12" from the excellent and ellusive Truth is light label.
I believe this track is fairly big on the Northern Soul scene. For me it's all about the Stevie-esque feel about the track. Looking forward to drop this on a decent party in the future. Voila!

Danny Hunt - What's happening to our love affair (320)


Joe Enever said...

another great number - pure class

P. said...

Thanks man!

jmpiii said...

Can you repost the download file? Thanks a bunch!

P. said...

Up again - thanks for checking!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of you getting the download link working on here?