Sunday, 1 November 2009

Jean-Luc Ponty - Computer incantations for world peace

Now to something slightly different content, compared to the stuff I normally post, this time from Jean-Luc Ponty. The french jazz violonist, possibly most known (at least within my circles) for the jazz-funk track 'In the fast lane'. This one, 'Computer incantations for world peace' from the 'Individual choice' LP, is a bit hard to define when it comes to genre.
None the less a great track which Underground Resistance sampled on one of my favourite UR tracks 'Journey of the dragons'.

The track was also recently comped by the Sonar Kollektiv camp, still nothing hard to find if you want the original LP. So for all of you who might be pleased with a digital version - here you go. Enjoy!

Jean-Luc Pony - Computer incantations for world peace (320)

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