Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Charles Stepney story

This is a trailer for, what I believe is an upcoming documentary of Charles Stepney. He's one of those characters that I tend to forget about, but when looking (or primary listen) back on music he's been involved with - he's one of the greatest. For me, one of the greatest all time. Top 5 easy.
He's been involved in so much great music; Rotary Connection, Minnie Ripperton, Marlena Shaw and Terry Callier to name a few. Reflecting on those artists and their music and you find some of the greatest LP's ever done. In his roles as composer, arranger, producer and musician he's influenced loads of contemporary artists and producers.

As a bit of bonus I'll give you a mega-mix from some Bavarian Nu-Jazzers (don't quote me on that though). This is from a bit shady 12" with some of the best pieces of Stepney's greatness. The strings (Chicago Symphony Orchestra apparently), the rhythms and drums, and the overall arrangements. Music doesn't get much better than this. Enjoy!

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fabien said...

nice documentary. check this out if you haven't yet.