Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Jazz Dance

Isn't - "Can you play something that I can dance to" the most annoying thing you can hear when playing your treasurable wax. Anyway, I was playing some hip hop. It was still early on you know, at the time when you can drop some really good stuff. Seconds from, when I was about to go for some Sahib Shihab this girl in a wheelchair rolls into the dance floor. There was no time for getting another record cued up. It didn't take too long before her friend came up and asked the question.
Fair enough, it's not always the most danceable stuff. Shahib Shihab that is.
But this LP with the Danish Radio Group is certainly a rarity that can't be neglected. Even the Japanese re-issue is rare nowadays. Can't remember which track I dropped at the time, but the whole LP is superb.
Check: Dance of the Fakowees(320)

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